• Mase Generators communicates the partnership with the spanish distributor Recambios Marinos

    Recambios Marinoswww.recambiosmarinos.es – is the exclusive distributor of Mase Generators for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

    Recambios Marinos, a reference brand in the marketing of nautical products in Spain and Portugal, with a focus on the wholesale market, and Mase Generators start a commercial partnership.

    Recambios Marinos will distribute and market exclusively and will be responsible for the after-sales service for Mase Generators throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

    This partnership represents an important step for Mase’s commercial consolidation in the market and for strengthening its after-sales service network in a key area for international boating.

    Information about Recambios Marinos

    Reference in the distribution of spare parts, accessories and high-tech nautical products, Recambios Marinos serves the entire national territory and has a highly qualified team to offer the best customer service.

    It offers a very diversified portfolio of products and collaborates with internationally recognized suppliers in the nautical sector.

    About Mase Generators

    Founded in 1970, the company based in Cesena, Italy, is a leader in the design and production of generating sets, offering a wide range of generators with output from 2 to 500 kW.

    Mase was born as a company specialized in offering portable generators starting from 500 watts, light and compact. Thanks to this range of generators, the Mase name has become famous all over the world and has since then been inextricably associated with the concept itself of a product intended for the generation of electricity.

    In recent years, on the basis of important investments in Research and Development, Mase has come to offer a wide range of products designed for all sectors of the nautical world, from pleasure boats to commercial and work boats, offering traditional products alongside other extremely innovative ones, such as the variable speed gensets designed for hybrid, diesel electric and even exclusively electric applications.

  • Mase Generators taking part in the “La Zattera” project

    The new 24m “Zattera” currently under construction at Castagnola Yacht in Lavagna is based on a project by Nauta Design and Francesco Rogantin from an idea by Renzo Piano and Olav Selvaag and with the propulsion system developed by Siemens Energy,

    Inspired by the dream of living the sea by privileging the spiritual dimension of silence and harmony with nature, it is therefore conceived more as a “marine boat” than as a “yacht”.

    It is a construction in wood, an ancient material that lives on and remains the most ecologically sustainable, but with a modern character, with an essential and original design that highlights the cleanliness and simplicity of the hull lines.

    The relatively light boat has a displacement hull that reaches a maximum speed of 12 knots (cruising speed of 10.5 knots).

    The choice of the Siemens Energy hybrid propulsion system was fundamental in order to minimize atmospheric emissions: great design and construction care was also taken to eliminate vibrations and the acoustic impact on the surrounding environment, in particular while navigating in pure electric mode guaranteed by lithium-ion batteries.

    The propulsion system is powered by two 180 kW variable speed diesel generators and a 95 kWh battery pack, connected to a 700 Volts direct current distribution system, which powers both the propulsion and the other on-board utilities.

    The two Diesel generators were expressly developed by Mase Generators for Siemens Energy with Volvo Penta D4-300 engines using variable speed technology with permanent magnet alternators in order to minimize consumption and emissions.

    The generators are installed on a double series of anti-vibration mounts, an uncommon solution on this size of boat, which underlines the desire to reduce the acoustic impact. For the same purpose, a lot of work was done on the materials that make up the soundproofing box of the generators themselves and an in-depth study was carried out on the soundproofing of the engine room.

    Several photovoltaic panels will allow an additional energy source at zero cost and impact.

    The on-board electrical balance has been studied in order to therefore allow an important autonomy both in propulsion and in other utilities.

    From an idea by Renzo Piano and Olav Selvaag

    Deck and Interior Design: Nauta Design

    Naval Architecture: NAMES by Francesco Rogantin

    Hull carpentry: Castagnola Yacht

    Hybrid propulsion: Siemens Energy in collaboration with MASE GENERATORS and VOLVO PENTA

    With the collaboration of Adi Nataf, architect, and Jürgen Reinhold, MüLLER BBM

  • Mase Generators engaged in the vaccination campaign

    Mase Generators were involved in the initiative of Iveco Defense Vehicles and GGG Elettromeccanica, a company specialized in the production of special vehicles that delivered on Tuesday 21 September a Muv MultiVaxVan, a multimodal vehicle, usable today for the transport of vaccines, but in future available in the event of natural disasters as a command post or transmission center, to the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

    The vehicle is capable of carrying more than one million vaccines of various types and will be used to continue the process of widespread vaccine distribution until the last mile. It is a vehicle developed for military use, set up for the transport of vaccines throughout the territory, even reaching the small villages that are more difficult to touch.

    The Muv is presented in the cabin version, euro VI, equipped with a “Multivax” refrigerated module and G-Torque frame. The vehicle offers the possibility of simultaneously transporting vaccines at three different temperatures: -80 C, – 20 C and zero degrees for approximately one million total doses. The vehicle is equipped with a tracking system with 4×4 drive.

    On board are installed 2 Mase Voyager 15 variable speed generators with Kubota D902 Stage 5V engine with PMG type permanent magnet alternators equipped with inverter, external to the machine in order to guarantee particularly small sizes and overall dimensions, to facilitate installation on board the vehicles produced by GGG and intended precisely for the local distribution of medicines-vaccines, etc.

    Engine’s variable revolutions allow to adapt the speed to the load while minimizing consumption and emissions.

    Two generators are installed on each unit, both of them having a continuous power of 13.5 kW, and they can also be connected in parallel, thus doubling the available power delivered.

    The very small dimensions and the weight of only 195 kg. made it possible to make the most of the volume and capacity of the Shelter.

    Finally, each group is equipped with two remote control modules, positioned respectively the first in the technical compartment and the second inside the vehicle cabin thus allowing the driver to start, stop and overall manage the units.

    Mase Generators are proud to have been able to express their maximum technology and know-how in this project, managing to combine the need for power and safety, through a reduction in weight, volume and level of emissions.

  • Mase Generators at the Cannes Yachting Festival

    On the occasion of the Cannes 2021 Boat Show, Mase Generators are at the starting line of the new nautical season with a new stand with the total renewal of its coordinated image and with new products and new systems that place the brand among the privileged partners of the most important international shipbuilders. 

    The company is continuing to develop a constant process of renewal of its range of generators and has started the development of new systems for the production and use of energy on board of pleasure yachts and commercial boats, both for the supply of electrical utilities, and for medium and high power hybrid propulsion systems from 50 to 500 kW with voltages over 800 volts dc in collaboration with various project system engineering companies. 

    Two groups with Volvo Penta variable speed engines with a power of 180 and 500 kW respectively (VS 500 SV – VS 180 SV) will be exhibited in Cannes, underlining the exponential growth gained by Mase in recent years in the sector of special groups aimed at proposing increasingly compact, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, in combination with certified engines equipped with active and passive SCR and FAP post treatment systems. 

    Among the other novelties, it is worth mentioning a new version of the VS 15.5 which has been named LOW, as it is capable of delivering the same continuous power equal to 15 kW in single-phase output but with a fixed speed at 2300 rpm which guarantees a low level of noise and vibrations. 

    Another innovative and interesting feature of this model will be the possibility of arranging the exhaust on both the right and left side, thus increasing the installation flexibility

    Alongside the aforementioned model, another group will be presented to complete the VS range, the VS 12.8 Y which offers the Yanmar 3TNV74F, Stage V, 3-cylinder, 993 cc engine with 12 kW continuous power. 

    As it is known, these variable speed generators make it possible to build more technological and more environmentally friendly boats because the engine revolutions vary according to the request of load; this results in lower consumption and noise, as well as greater comfort and the possibility of placing more generators on board, even distant, but always interconnected. 

    Going down in power and moving on to the IS range (Intercooler System), finally, here is the brand new and super compact IS 4.05 i, where the i stands for inverter and represents the new technological development of our range. 

    The unit is in fact equipped with a permanent magnet alternator combined, internally, with a conversion inverter that allows to considerably increase the efficiency (+ approx 14%) compared to the IS 4.04, an extremely interesting result, especially if consider that it is obtained at just 3000 rpm, instead of the 3600 rpm of the 4.04 version at 60 HZ, with a consequent reduction in noise and vibrations, but above all in consumption and emissions. 

    That’s why we use the new Yanmar L70 single-cylinder engines, which meet the strictest European and American regulations regarding emissions. 

    As per the tradition of the IS range, the case is completely closed and inside there is our water – air exchanger, which allows installation in any place, quickly and easily, without any exchange of air with the external environment. 

    Our generator is mounted on two series of anti-vibration dampers, four connected to the fixing brackets and four close to the engine: a double set to avoid any type of vibration and noise. 

    Last, but not least, we have made the most of the space, concentrating a lot of power in a very small footprint, with 3.5 kW continuous at 3000 rpm, for a weight of only 96 kilos which makes the machine easy to install. 

    It has to be underlined the most innovative feature of the product, which being based on the inverter technology, offers a parallel operation device that allows you to synchronize two machines in a very simple and efficient way. 

    This allows to install this type of gensets in multi-hull boats, multiplying the power, in a single supply line, greatly simplifying the on-board systems. 

    Mase Generators is today more than ever focused on research and development of new products and technologies for the production of energy on board and for the propulsion of boats and this important challenge is really just at the beginning. 

  • Mase participation calendar at the next boat shows

    We are particularly pleased to inform that starting from September Mase will resume its participation in the main European nautical events, presenting some interesting innovations in the various ranges of its wide product range, from the IS to the VS models up to the special groups with variable speed revolutions. up to 500 kW intended to power hybrid propulsion systems.

    Here below we list the events where we will take part and where we give you an appointment as of now:

    Cannes Yachting Festival – 7/12 september

    Stand Palais nr. 075

    Salone Nautico di Genova – 16/21 september

    Stand YC07 Area “Power Village”

    Seafuture 2021 – La Spezia – 28 september/1 october

    Pavilion 4 – stand nr. 4-049

    Mets (Marine Equipment Trade Show) Amsterdam – 16/18 november

    Hall 1 Stand nr. 01.266