• Mase at MetsTrade 2022

    Mase Generators will be at the 34° edition of  METS – Marine Equipment Trade Show 2022, the global exhibition dedicated to the yachting industry held in Amsterdam from 15 to 17 November. We will present the latest news at Stand 01.155, Hall 1.

    The sea is the ultimate expression of nature. It is generous to us, but deserves respect. It is therefore right to use all the energy we need, generated by advanced technologies that Mase is able to offer. Driven by innovation, respectful of the environment.

    The products on display and their characteristics

    IS 6.05i: 6 kW maximum power, with Yanmar 3000 RPM engine and inverter to ensure a safe product, avoiding external circulation to the group of large cables with high voltage. The product is also designed for the parallel coupling of two groups of the same model, offering the possibility to synchronize two machines in a simple and practical way.

    VS 180/VS 250: these are special variable speed units used in hybrid, medium and high-power propulsion systems. The current range is from 50 to 500 kW, with different customizations available.

    Want to know more?

    Visit our website, and download technical data sheets at the links below:

    IS 6.05i

    VS 180 / VS 250

    We will be waiting for you at stand 01.155 in hall 1 from 15 to 17 November 2022 to meet our team and learn more details and curiosities.

    To register and find out how to reach us follow the instructions on the METSTRADE website and for any other information do not hesitate to contact us.


    Mase will participate at the 33rd edition of Bauma, World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment.  which will take place in Munich from 24 to 30 October 2022.

    This year Mase will bring two products that symbolize innovation aimed at sustainability. You will find us at stand 419 hall A 6 of one of the most important world events in the sector.

    The products displayed and their characteristics

    Voyager 6050 DMi is a 6 Kw variable speed vehicular generator equipped with stage V Kubota engine.

    Engine revolutions vary according to the required load. This means that if you have few electrical applications connected, the generator will automatically calibrate itself to the required power, ensuring exceptional voltage and frequency stability.

    The unit is also equipped with a permanent magnet alternator combined with a conversion inverter which allows to increase the performance and efficiency of the system with a consequent reduction of noise and vibrations, but above all in consumption and emissions.

    MPF 33 BA is the result of Mase’s experience.

    It is equipped with a 26 KW Yanmar 1500 RPM engine and it has always been present in the Mase product range because it is a state-of-the-art generator that guarantees high performance, ease of maintenance, excellent operating stability, silence and economy. of exercise. The solid and sturdy case allows it to be used in any environmental condition and part of the world.

    Would you like to know more?

    Click here to download the product data sheets. You will find us at stand 419 in hall A6 from 24 to 30 October 2022. To register and find out how to reach us, follow the instructions on the Bauma website and for any other information do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Mase generators on “Barche” magazine – October issue

    Mase’s propensity for innovation reviewed in the magazine Barche.

    The prestigious publication, reference point of international marine industry, illustrates the news of our company. Always at the service of your business.

  • Mase Generators at the Cannes Yachting Festival Palais Stand nr. 077

    On the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022, taking place from 6 to 11 September, Mase Generators are preparing to face the 2022/23 nautical season with new products and new systems that have long positioned them in the restricted circle of privileged partners of the most important international shipbuilders.

    The company is continuing to implement a constant process of renewal of its range of generators and has started in parallel the development of new systems for the production and use of energy on board of pleasure and professional boats, both for powering the electric appliances and for medium and high power hybrid propulsion systems from 50 to 500 kW and with voltages over 800 volts dc in collaboration with various project systems engineering organizations.

    The VS 500 SV equipped with the variable rpm Volvo Penta D13 engine with a power of 500 kW will be exhibited in Cannes, underlining the exponential growth gained by Mase in recent years in the special groups sector aimed at offering increasingly compact and efficient solutions in combination with certified engines equipped with active and passive SCR and FAP post-treatment systems.

    In addition to the VS 500, the VS 15.5 LOW will be exhibited, capable of delivering a continuous power of over 16 kW in single-phase output, with a maximum speed of 2300 rpm which guarantees a low level of noise and vibrations.

    Alongside the aforementioned model, another group from the VS range will be presented, the variable speed series, the VS 12.8 Y with Yanmar 3TNV74F, Stage V engine, delivering 12.8 kW of continuous power.

    As it is well known, these variable speed generators make it possible to build more technological and more environmentally friendly boats because the engine revolutions vary according to the load; this results in lower consumption and noise, as well as greater comfort and the possibility of placing more generators on board, even distant ones, but always interconnected in parallel.

    Moving on to the IS range (Intercooler System), the models at the center of the exhibition will be the IS 8.5 K, the IS 6.05i and the IS 27.

    These products share excellent characteristics including:
    – the double anti-vibration system, which allows to reduce the level of vibrations from the engine / alternator unit towards the frame and to absorb residual micro vibrations originating between the generator frame and the boat;
    – closed-cycle cooling inside the case by means of a water / air exchanger that reduces vibrations and noise, ensuring
    ZERO derating up to a sea water temperature of 31 degrees;
    – the soundproof enclosure made of extremely light painted marine aluminum with very high resistance to external

    The brand new and super compact IS 6.05i deserves a special mention, joining the IS 4.05i model presented in 2021, where the i of inverter represents the new technological development of our range.

    The unit is in fact equipped with a permanent magnet alternator combined, internally, with a conversion inverter which allows to considerably increase the performance and efficiency of the system with a consequent reduction in noise and vibrations, but above all in consumption and emissions.

    The inverter guarantees a safe product, avoiding the circulation outside the genset of large cables with high voltages. It also allows the parallel coupling of two units of the same model, offering the possibility of synchronizing them immediately, by simply connecting the inverters of the two generators via a cable so that the latter automatically synchronizes.

    This solution offers at the same time great energy savings and the possibility of high loads, in other words greater efficiency combined with high savings.

    Finally, the permanent magnet alternator is particularly compact, designed precisely to reduce the size and weight of the machine while leaving the performance unchanged.

    This allows the installation of this type of generators in multi-hull boats, multiplying the power, in a single supply line, greatly simplifying the on-board systems.

    Mase Generators is now more than ever committed to the research and development of new products and technologies for the production of energy on board and for the propulsion of boats and this important challenge has really only just begun, important innovations are on the horizon…

  • Mase Generators communicates the partnership with the spanish distributor Recambios Marinos

    Recambios Marinoswww.recambiosmarinos.es – is the exclusive distributor of Mase Generators for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

    Recambios Marinos, a reference brand in the marketing of nautical products in Spain and Portugal, with a focus on the wholesale market, and Mase Generators start a commercial partnership.

    Recambios Marinos will distribute and market exclusively and will be responsible for the after-sales service for Mase Generators throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

    This partnership represents an important step for Mase’s commercial consolidation in the market and for strengthening its after-sales service network in a key area for international boating.

    Information about Recambios Marinos

    Reference in the distribution of spare parts, accessories and high-tech nautical products, Recambios Marinos serves the entire national territory and has a highly qualified team to offer the best customer service.

    It offers a very diversified portfolio of products and collaborates with internationally recognized suppliers in the nautical sector.

    About Mase Generators

    Founded in 1970, the company based in Cesena, Italy, is a leader in the design and production of generating sets, offering a wide range of generators with output from 2 to 500 kW.

    Mase was born as a company specialized in offering portable generators starting from 500 watts, light and compact. Thanks to this range of generators, the Mase name has become famous all over the world and has since then been inextricably associated with the concept itself of a product intended for the generation of electricity.

    In recent years, on the basis of important investments in Research and Development, Mase has come to offer a wide range of products designed for all sectors of the nautical world, from pleasure boats to commercial and work boats, offering traditional products alongside other extremely innovative ones, such as the variable speed gensets designed for hybrid, diesel electric and even exclusively electric applications.